Sunday, April 13, 2014

The April 2014 Newsletter is now online.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meeting Recap - April 10, 2014

Lauren Byrne
Welcome spring! After what feels like ages of cold weather and snow, we were greeted this morning with a beautiful blue sky and flowers popping out of their buds. A perfect way to start a MOPS day! On this delightful morning, our meeting started with a delicious and bountiful breakfast provided by the Green and Pink tables.

Lauren started us off with some announcements:
  • Please let Lauren or Laurie Burke know if you would like to serve on Leadership next year
  • The MOPS Dinner Date Party is Friday night @ 6:30 @ FBC. Let Lauren know ASAP if you'd like to come and have not rsvp'd 
  • Janet Mancini will be our guest speaker at the next meeting on 4/24. You won't want to miss her talk, "Loving Your Husband Well", as well as the Moms Night Out that night @ 7:30 with Janet at Lauren's house 
  • FBC's spring Bible studies have started up and there's still time to join - one meets Tuesday mornings at 9:30 and the other meets Wednesday evenings at 6:00. Childcare is provided at both meetings. Also, VBS will be the week of July 7-11th. You can find out  more information on these events at   
  • The MOPS Convention will be October 2-4th in Louisville, KY. If you're interested in going, please talk to Laurie. We may have a contingent making a road trip! Registrations should be made by July 21st. Find out more information HERE 
  • The Hope Community Center will have a "Cville Biggest Loser" weight loss challenge kick-off event this Sunday April 13th from 3-5pm at the Pavilion downtown. Find out more information HERE
BethanyAnne Bahm
Our very own BethanyAnne Bahm was our first speaker this morning. Originally from Texas, she shared with us about the blessing of coming to faith at a young age, yet it wasn't until she was an adult that she truly understood what it was like to trust fully in God and not on her own strength. She shared with us that often the hardest lessons to learn are the most important. After experiencing a succession of stressful and heart-wrenching trials beginning in 2010, BethanyAnne has made it her motto to trust God even when you don't see hope. She encouraged us to pull back and renew ourselves with the Word when we experience trials and reminded us that Jesus said I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. Thank you BethanyAnne for blessing us with your story and your words of faith!
Rachel Gerber and Lauren
Finally, former MOPS mama and now published author Rachel Gerber was our guest speaker this morning. Rachel spoke to us about how to be "blessed in the mess."  Rachel and her husband, Shawn, have 3 boys between the ages of 2 and 7, so she knows a thing or two about messes. But life throws both little AND big messes our way, and sometimes in the midst of it, we just want to walk away. Or we wonder... where is God in the middle of all this? Or... why does God feel silent when I'm drowning here? Rachel reminded us that no one is exempt from these feelings; even Mother Teresa, in her personal letters, wondered where God was in her day-to-day life. If it can happen to her -- it can happen to us. Rachel offered many words of encouragement and guidance as she shared that God is still here & still present in our day-to-day lives. What we do each day is not a chore - it is holy work. Offering gratitude and remembering what God has done can change the position of our hearts. Thank you Rachel for being with us and for sharing your words of wisdom!

Rachel Gerber
If you'd like to hear more from Rachel, you can check out her blog, Everything Belongs, HERE.

What a lovely meeting on a lovely day! See you at the next one on April 24th!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The March 2014 Newsletter is now online.

Click here to read our March 2014 Newsletter online!

Meeting Recap, March 27th 2014

Our second MOPS meeting of March featured a local physical therapist, Lisa Lewis. But first let's get to those announcements!

  • Many thanks to everyone who made our annual Spa Day a big success!
  • Registration is now open to all for the next MOPS year. So if you haven't registered, do it today.
  • Laurie Burke will be our MOPS Coordinator for 2014-2015! We know she will do an amazing job. And many, many thanks to Lauren Byrne for all of the hard work she has done as our Coordinator for the past several years!
  • FBC will be having a new Women's Bible study that begins on April 8th. They will be reading Beth Moore's "Sacred Secrets". The study will last 6 weeks, and childcare is available. Click here for more information.
  • Vacation Bible School at FBC will be held July 7 - 11. Volunteer registration is now available online. Children must be 4 years old by 9/30/14 to participate; however the children of volunteers who are younger than that may participate. 
  • Our MOPS Dinner Party will be on Friday, April 11th from 6 to 9:30pm. This is an adult dinner party so be sure to line up a babysitter asap!
  • Our April 10th meeting will feature author (and former Cville mops mama) Rachel Gerber! If you would like to read her new book, "Ordinary Miracles: Awakening to the Holy Work of Parenting", prior to the meeting you can order it here from Amazon
  • Our April 24th MOPS meeting will feature the famous Janet Mancini. We will also have a Mom's Night Out that same evening, where we will get to hang out with Janet at Lauren B.'s house. You don't want to miss it!
  • The JAG Corp Wives' Club will be having a "Spring Giveaway" on Saturday, May 3rd from 9am - 1pm at FBC. Donations of any and all household goods, clothes, toys, etc. will be accepted. Any items leftover from the giveaway will be donated to charitable organizations. Please contact Megan Stephens for with questions.

Our door prizes winners were Terri V. and Leah W.; congrats ladies!

Lisa Lewis, PT, MS
At this meeting we welcomed Lisa Lewis, a local Physical Therapist, as our speaker. Lisa specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction and rehabilitation. Her practice, Lewis Pelvic Floor Therapy, serves both men and women, of all ages and stages. Lisa began by telling us why someone might need physical therapy for their pelvic floor; reasons include urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, tail bone, sacral or SI pain, bladder pain, constipation, and pain with intercourse. Lisa shared that approximately 25 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence, and of those 80% are women.  So while it is a common problem, urinary incontinence is not "normal" and can be helped. Another problem PT may help is Chronic Pelvic Pain. CPP can be devastating, causing 25% of the women who suffer from it to spend 2-3 days in bed per month. CPP can occur not just after a physical trauma, but also after stressful life events. Another condition Lisa treats is Piriformis Syndrome, where the piriformis muscle compresses the sciatic nerve, causing pain and numbness.

Lisa also told us that there are some contraindications for the type of Physical Therapy she offers. These include anyone less than 6 weeks postpartum or post surgery, anyone with severe pelvic pain, children or those without a prior medical pelvic exam, those who have suffered sexual abuse, and women who are currently pregnant.

If Pelvic Floor PT is right for you, Lisa begins with an evaluation, including a history of the problem, an observation of your symptoms, manual muscle test, and biofeedback assessment. Patients will also need to fill out a questionnaire on her website, a consent form, and a bladder or bowl diary if your problem involve those areas.  After that, the treatment is of course, exercise. Lisa will prescribe and teach pelvic floor exercises for you as well as self-assessment techniques. She will also examine some lifestyle choices that can exacerbate your condition; for instance, did you know that not drinking enough can actually worsen certain types of incontinence? Other treatment options include E-stim, or electronic muscle stimulation, and ultrasound.  Her practice also utilizes pelvic alignment, massage, and the application of cold and/or heat.

If you think you can benefit from Pelvic Floor Therapy and would like to contact Lisa, her website is, and her phone number is (434)960-4434. Many thanks to Lisa Lewis for educating us on Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 10th.  See you soon!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Meeting Recap - March 6th 2014

Our annual MOPS Spa Day was big success! We had massages, a DIY manicure station, a CAbi clothes representative, a delicious breakfast provided by our mentoring moms, a make-your-own hand cream craft, and did I mention massages?  Many, many thanks to those who hard work made this day of relaxation possible!

Our next meeting is on March 27th; see you soon!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meeting Recap - February 20, 2014

Our February 20th MOPS meeting was a little unique; we had not one but two male guest speakers! But first, some important announcements.

  • Our next meeting is on Thursday, March 6th, and it is our annual SPA DAY!  Massages will begin at 9:15 am (that's 15 minutes before our usual meeting time). So get there early if you can. Also, be sure to wear comfortable clothes! There will be a CABI stylist with clothing available to try on, as well as yummy food provided by our Mentoring Moms.
  • Please note on your calendars that our second March meeting will be on the 27th due to parent-teacher conferences at ECDC.
  • MOPS will be having an adult Dinner Party on Friday, April 11th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.  There will not be childcare provided for this event, so please line up your babysitters now. The funds we save from childcare will be donated to a memorial fund in honor of Mundy Richards.
  • April 24th will feature guest speaker Janet Mancini! Later that evening, our Mom's Night Out will be spent hanging with Janet at Lauren B.'s house. Janet's great advice and hilarious stories make this something you will not want to miss!
  • Please remember our Mentoring Moms in prayer; Nancy R. lost her mother and Ruth W. recently lost her mother-in-law.

Our favorite things door prizes were provided by Melissa R. and Cari B. The winners were Karen, Jenny, Gina, and Amy. Congrats ladies!

Ben Ryalls
Our first speaker was Ben Ryalls, son of Nancy Ryalls, one of our Mentoring Moms and Director of Women and Children's Ministries at First Baptist. Ben talked to us about the financial advisory firm he started, saying that one of the main reasons he became a financial adviser was to help families financially be able to have a stay-at-home-parent. Ben handed out some awesome door prizes that were won by Lauren B., Amy S., and Katie S. Many thanks to Ben for sharing with us!

Dr. Chris Scott, a local dermatologist and husband to Corie, was our next guest speaker. Although many mamas were nervous when he broke out a slide show [haunted by visions of Dr. Wolanski's visit last spring], Dr. Scott promised that no one would leave the meeting traumatized.

Dr. Scott spoke in great detail about the effect of the sun on our skin, and touched on other subjects such as brown spots, moles, eczema and allergies.

Dr. Scott, pictured with his family.
Some of Dr. Scott's recommendations included:

- Using a "broad spectrum" sunscreen on your face, neck and hands year round
- Using mild bar soaps such as Dove or Tone, and non-scented lotions such as Eucerin, CeraVe, and Curel, during the winter months to help with excessive skin dryness
- Having a doctor check out any moles that have changed shape, or have irregular borders or shading
- Taking Biotin as a supplement for hair and nail growth - 3-5 mg/day

Some of Dr. Scott's favorite OTC products include:

- Aquaphor healing ointment as a salve
- Free & Clear brand for sensitive skin
- Sarna lotion as an anti-itch
- Almay deodorant as hypoallergenic
- AmLactin foot cream

After the slideshow, Dr. Scott addressed a myriad of questions from the group. If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Scott and his practice, please visit his website here.

We hope to see you at our next meeting, MOPS Spa Day, on March 6!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The February 2014 Newsletter is now online

Our February 2014 Newsletter is now available to view and read online. Click here to download.