Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meeting Recap - November 6, 2014 MOPS Market Day!

MOPS Market Day was a great success thanks to all of the wondrously talented, industrious, entrepreneurial mamas we have in our midst! I don't know about everyone else, but I walked away inspired and awed by the women in this group! The following women participated to make MOPS Market fun and successful! Thanks for helping us find something to get a jump start on Christmas shopping or a little something sweet for ourselves. :)

 The following mamas participated in MOPS Market Day in case you weren't able to come, or if you want to get more of what you purchased!

Megan Stephens- 21 Threads
Jen Skipper- Jennifer Skipper Photography
Jenn Coon- Jennifer Coon Photography
Gina Langford- Watercolor Designs by Gina
Lauren Byrne- Christmas stockings made by her sister
Leah Wayner- scarves, pillow covers, and baby items
Melissa Walsh- Jamberry Nails
Cari Brown- baby items
Julie Montgomery- printed notecards
Emily Hummel- Scentsy and Origami Owl
Jenny Street- Premier Jewelry
Kristin Roth- Stella and Dot
Sharon Gay- Usbourne Books
Jenn McArtor- Rodan and Fields
Darla Rose- Lia Sophia
Amy Sims - Tea Embassy

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The November 2014 Newsletter is now online!

Click here to download and read the November 2014 newsletter. This month's newsletter features a wonderful article by Jayme Cherry, a welcome to our newest MOPPETS, and a fun craft just in time for Christmas gift-giving.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MOPS Meeting October 23, 2014

Fall is in the air and beauty abounds! I've gone from taking overly exhaustive notes to too cryptic that it says nothing. Bear with me...sleep deprivation is affecting my note taking skills!

Jennifer Coon announced that we have an opportunity to participate in blessing families in need this Christmas season by putting boxes together filled with goodies - clothes, toys, and other small items. Each table will select a gender and age group and put together a box, along with $1 per person per table to help with shipping costs. More will be coming from our table leaders on that, so stay tuned!

We now have a Pinterest page so that we can share recipes, etc! Here is the link:

Greenfield Farm in Ruckersville Mommy-and-Me outing has been re-scheduled for this Thursday, October 30th! From 10am-noon, bring your little one for a fun Fall outing with a pumpkins, corn maze, hayrides, and friends. The cost is $6/person and free for kids under 2. Plan to bring a snack and picnic lunch. If the weather does not cooperate, Laurie will notify us.

Mentor Mom Darla Rose shared her heartfelt testimony with us of her life of prayer and faith. She reminded us of the power of prayer through the challenges of life, and even shared a poem with us that her son wrote her when she was going through a tough time. What an encouragement to see that the seeds we sow into our children now will grow into a great harvest of good fruit one day! One of her favorite verses that has always encouraged her is Mark 11:23: "Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him." Amen!

Melissa Walsh then shared her fun, genuine, but powerful journey of life as a military wife and mom. When her husband deployed for 15 months when her children were young, she said that some days felt like survival was the goal. She learned so much wisdom in that time and encouraged us to find those in that situation now and give, especially since there are so many military wives in our midst, or moms whose husbands either travel heavily or work long hours. That could look like making a meal and bringing it over, having that kind of mom over (that way she doesn't have to clean her kitchen!), praying for her, and asking if you can help. She encouraged us that when we ask that kind of mom if we can help and she says "no," to not take "no" for an answer -- find something you can do to help her and just do it! Tell her you are coming over for a moms' night in and go to her house one night after the kids are down and just hang out, watch a movie, eat chocolate, etc! Thanks for sharing your story, Melissa!


Friday, October 10, 2014

The October 2014 Newsletter is now online!

Click here to download and read the October 2014 Newsletter. This month's newsletter features a great article by Gina Langford, photography tips from Jen Skipper and a delicious recipe for Brownie Batter Dip. Yum!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 25, 2014 MOPS Meeting Recap

It was another great meeting on Thursday! Great breakfast, great speakers, great women!

Important Announcements

Don’t forget the Mentoring Mom’s “Momwise” event this Thursday- October 2nd at 7pm at the home of Lori Wood. 7 pm is Mom-Wise. Come for yummy desserts, meeting new friends and discussion on new ways to incorporate prayer in the lives of our children.
Please contact Michelle Cox or Laurie Burke for Lori’s address.

DATE CHANGE for Greenfield (at 29N) outing. Come with your little ones on Wednesday, October 15th  from 10-noon to enjoy hayrides, farm animals, and a corn maze! Bring a picnic lunch or snack. You can sign-up for at the next MOPS meeting- Cost is $6/person, under 2 is free with an adult. 

Amy Vesser introduced “Secret Sisters” – a new thing for MOPS this year. If you would like to be paired with a “secret sister” that you encourage with notes, treats, prayers, and a small token gift once a month, and receive as well, then fill out the "About Me" page at this link:
Send to Amy Vesser at

Jenny Street shared her heartfelt testimony with us. Jenny shared about how there is a theme in her life is “to be brave” and how God has asked her to take brave steps: she served two years as a journeyman in Brazil (this was a major step of bravery for her!), she decided to go to seminary after she returned from Brazil and got her masters degree from southwestern Baptist seminary in FW, she got an opportunity to work with college girls back in Mississippi, and then moved to Monroe, LA for her first “real job” without knowing anyone and met her husband and stayed for 4 years. She got to use her degree to lead Bible studies and spend time with college students. God really asked her to be brave in Louisiana and invest herself there. Then, her husband got into school in South Carolina and they moved there. She also found out she was pregnant with her first baby, Jett. It was a valley for her during those first two years. A few years later, they moved to Charlottesville and God has given them a new beginning here. Being a SAHM has been an adjustment for her after working full-time. She has learned that God is never early or late, but right on time. Jenny looked up what it meant to be brave in the Bible – 1 and 2 chronicles and 1 and 2 Samuel – show warriors who are BRAVE -confident, proficient in how they protect, are outstanding leaders in the communities. We should all strive to be brave in this way.

Chris and Amy Paschall shared about their Journey from financial strife to financial peace. After a series of financial mistakes, they decided to get financially responsible and started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and began to implement his “babysteps.”
Chris reminded us that money is the most talked about topic in the Bible and is mentioned in over 2000 verses.

Amy shared her Lessons Learned on the road to financial peace and getting out of debt:
  • Submission, giving up the little luxuries (Starbucks, shopping trips); biggest luxury was the laundromat (it was a crucible but He gave her the grace to do it)
  • It’s never too late to start
  • They both had to buy in
  • Overcoming Entitlement (get married, get the big house, get the baby)
  • “Love does not demand its own way” (1 Cor 13)
  • Being out of debt is not the end. It is a constant, daily choosing – putting our future ahead of what we want today.

 Chris’ Lessons Learned:
  • The husband and wife have to be on the same page.
  • The husband is the spiritual head of the house and is obligated to lead in the area of finances as well (love your wife as Christ loved the church).
  • A sense of security is vital for your wife’s well-being; do whatever it takes to foster a sense of security.
  • The vast majority of financial mistakes are not fatal, permanent, or irreversible; while “mistakes with zeroes” can be painful, they can be overcome
  • Money management is difficult because it requires diligence and consistency; therefore, frequent communication is of utmost importance – if you can communicate effectively about finances, your overall communication will improve and your marriage will be incredibly strong

 If you are interested in Financial Peace University, scholarships are available. FPU meets on Sunday nights 5pm-6:40 pm during AWANA.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The September 2014 Newsletter is now online

Click here to download and read the September 2014 MOPS Newsletter.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meeting Recap - September 11, 2014- First Meeting!

It was so great to be back together and to welcome a host of new faces this year! Laurie opened us in prayer and then we enjoyed an amazing breakfast. Thank you, Steering! Let's start with important announcements first:
  • Please drive slowly in FBC parking lot as children are being dropped off for preschool. 
  • If we know we will be missing MOPS, we need to contact your table leader ASAP as well as Cynthia Pistulka. Her email is
  • Try as hard as you can to be present at MOPS meetings. There are many women who want to be a part of MOPS who are on the waiting list. If you consistently miss MOPS meetings, your spot will be given to a mom on the waiting list.
  • Breakfast is provided on a rotational basis by tables. Two tables provide breakfast each week and your table leader will notify you when it is your turn.
  • For moms who have newborns (up to three months), your babies are welcome to stay in the main meeting. If your baby is three months or older, we ask that you send your baby to stay in the care of the workers. They want to love and hold your little ones, so please let them, and give yourself a break as well! 
  • MOPPETS need to have a snack unless you are notified that your child’s room has an allergy, in which case you will be notified.  Strollers cannot be left in the hallways, but need to be left in the meeting.
  • Consider joining a Bible study offered at First Baptist Church this Fall. She announced that Bible study opportunities are available on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights at the church, including one on "What Women Fear" and one on living and sharing a life of wisdom. On Sunday nights your children can attend Awana (Bible-based scripture memory for children) while you attend Financial Peace University. For more information, please visit the FBC website, 
  • Jen Coon (Service Chair) announced a service project MOPS has an opportunity to participate in of collection diapers for CYFS (Children, Youth, and Family Services). We will be collecting diapers as a community service project, so if you have extra diapers that your kids have outgrown or want to pick up an extra pack of diapers at the store, we will be collecting them at our next meeting, September 25th.
After we had a great breakfast, Jayme Cherry led us in a fun ice breaker so we could learn a little bit about each other at our tables. We used M&Ms to answer the following questions: 1. What is a beauty product you can’t live without? 2. What is one of your favorite childhood memories? 3. What is a movies that makes you cry, 4. What is a baby names you didn’t get to use? 5. What would you do if you had an entire day to yourself? 6. What is your dream vacation destination? It was fun and definitely broke the ice! Thanks, Jayme!

Laurie then introduced the theme “Be You Bravely” and we watched the MOPS International video explaining their purpose in the theme. A few highlights of the video:

  • Are you living or waiting to live?
  • Do you hold back from living? If so, why?
  • Why do we forget to live?
This year, we hope to learn what it means to "Be You, Bravely" -- to take the first step though it is uncomfortable, to make brilliantly bold mistakes as we endeavor to fly, and to spur each other on to choose courage and ask the hard questions. You will see feathers scattered about throughout the year, as the feather symbolizes courage because the feather symbolizes flight. May we find the courage to be brave - to be our true selves.

Laurie then talked about Isaiah 43:18-19:

“Remember not the former things,
    nor consider the things of old.19 Behold, I am doing a new thing;    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert."

She encouraged us that God is going to do something new and bring us out of captivity and make the impossible, possible. It is a promise, and He is equipping us at all times- especially in this season, that at times may feel like a desert. 

The rest of the meeting consisted mostly of introductions, including Steering, Table Leaders, Mentoring Moms, and First Baptist director of women's ministry, Nancy Ryalls. Nancy warmly welcomed us and encouraged us that First Baptist believes deeply in the ministry of MOPS, which is why they invest so much into our children and us. Thank you, First Baptist!

Michelle Cox, our Mentoring Moms coordinator, introduced each of our mentoring moms. Here is a little more information about each one that we are so blessed to have with us:

  • Nancy Ryalls – how to care for parent with chronic illness, inductive Bible Study, balancing work and family, how to develop the gift of hospitality
  • Ruth-  how to survive life as a military wife, living with Mother-in-Law, gardening, adoption
  • Gayle Trevillion – how to cope with losing a parent, adoption, fertility, cooking, traveling
  • Lori Woods – how to mother boys, life as a stay-at-home-mom, how to be intentional about mentoring your children (and have others mentor your children as well)
  • Laurie Miller – adoption, how to teach children the Bible, transitioning from career to being SAHM, organization/time management
  • Darla Rose – life as a single mom, living life with stepchildren, living with your mother, being financially responsible, raising boys with sports, consistency in parenting (especially if you are parenting single), Mormon faith
  • Michelle Cox – pregnant at 39 for the first time, divorce, bipolar parents, parenting children with different temperaments, living with a parent

Amy Vesser announced new babies born this summer, Summer birthdays, and September birthdays. Congrats to the new mamas and to the soon-to-be-new mamas! There are many of you! This led to Amber Young's announcement about Meal calendars for new moms. Please provide meals for these mamas if you have the time and financial means to do so. It is such a blessing to those families! Amber then discussed the prayer jars on our tables. Each jar is filled with pieces of paper that we can use to make prayer requests known. Fill those out and leave them for Amber to pray over. 

Amber also introduced Enrichment groups – something new we are trying as an effort to build even deeper community in our MOPS fellowship. Available groups include- Book Club, Dinner group (meal exchange), Craft club, prayer team, Workout partners team, babysitting swap. If any of those interest you, please sign up at your table or let your table leader know.

We also have created a private group on Facebook called Heavenly Blessings for those who have experienced miscarriage or the loss of a child. If you have experienced it in the past and feel you can offer support, please message Amber privately. If you need support because you have experienced this loss, please contact Amber for her to connect you.

Stephanie Denholm then led us in a cute craft where we made "Be You, Bravely" necklaces with a feather as a remind to have courage. Thank you, Stephanie!

We are off to a great start this year, and look forward to many more great Thursdays to come. See you September 25th! Go ahead and SAVE THE DATE for a night with Mentoring Moms on Thursday, October 2nd at 7pm at the home of Lori Woods. Also, there is a Mommy-N-Me outing at Greenfield Farm in Ruckersville on the morning of October 16th. And MOPS Moms Market will be returning this year on November 6th if you are interested in offering your goods for MOPS moms to buy. More info to come!